About Us

Effortless style, minimal effort, for every woman.
We are about celebrating individual style and looking fabulous every day! The Kimono Store was born out of passion to create a one stop shop for all of your kimono style needs. We found ourselves reaching for our kimonos when we wanted to look stylish but with minimal effort. The kimono is traditionally known as a Japanese garment meaning ki (to wear) and mono (thing or object). We offer a modern take on the traditional style and specialize in women's fashion kimonos for every style, size, and shape. We source our kimonos from around the world but are proudly a Canadian brand based out of Toronto, Ontario.



Our vision: We strive to create a supportive women’s community filled with beauty, inspiration, and connection.  

Our mission: Helping women feel beautiful and confident with minimal effort, no matter what stage of life they are in.